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Benefits of Farm Saving Seed

We provide a mobile seed cleaning and seed treatment service for farmers, farming groups, land agents, agricultural merchants and the plant breeding industry. The main crops that we process are Wheat, Barley, Oilseed Rape, Oats, Field Beans, Field Peas, Vining Peas and Linseed. We can also process Organic seeds to specific request at incredibly high standards.

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Certified Seed

Buy quality certified seed to allow optimum crops to start your home saved seed. Factors to consider include – drilling date and system, harvest date, height, stem stiffness, disease resistance, yield and oil content for oilseed rape.

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Advisory Seed Testing Service

An accurate appraisal of seed quality is essential before processing or sowing can go ahead with confidence or just for “peace of mind”

An accurate assessment of grain quality is important to ensure contract standards are met and the optimum commodity market price is achieved.

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Other Services

  • Ergot Removal
  • Bulk Cleaning/Admix Removal
  • Bushel Weight Improvement
  • Hagberg Improvement
  • Speciality Crops/Materials
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