Certified Seed

Thinking of changing variety?

Looking for something new?

Planning to home save the best possible variety next year?

There are a wide range of certified seed varieties available, of which many are detailed on the HGCA Recommended Lists – there are also many other varieties which perform very well on farm but have narrowly missed the list.

Due to such a vast range of varieties being available, making the correct choice for your land can often seem daunting.


Anglia Grain Services are able to supply all Winter and Spring cereal varieties with your chosen seed dressing, please speak to your local representative for price and availability.

Oilseed Rape

We are pleased to be able to offer Certified Conventional and Hybrid including Semi Dwarf Oilseed Rape from the breeders mentioned below, in 2015 we particularly recommend Advance as a short, early maturing, high oil content Conventional Variety and DK Exalte as an extremely vigorous hybrid with Double Phoma resistance and Pod Shatter resistance.

Slug Pellets

Size matched (2.5mm), wet processed Metaldehyde, Durum based slug pellets are available by the bag or the more popular option – mixed with your Oilseed Rape to give you protection from the moment your crop is drilled.

   •    Choose your own “mix” ratio and have it delivered on farm mixed and ready for the drill.

   •    Sized matched to mix with OSR seed and not separate in seed hoppers.

   •    Wet processed which last longer in damp conditions.

   •    Durum based which is more attractive to slugs.

   •    An excellent way of ensuring Metaldehyde regulations are met by applying direct where needed.

Speak to your Anglia Grain Services representative for variety advice and current special offers on all of our certified seed.

Micro Fertilisers

Micro granular starter bio-stimulant fertiliser designed for application at the time of drilling, which will act within the area of the root structure of the growing seedling.

Fertiliser contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulphur and Zinc as well as Amino-Purine (germination trigger in plant growth) which leads to faster and enhanced germination as well as greater root development.

Allow every seed to maximise its genetic potential and establishment.

No minimum order size on certified seed.

 Remember to comply with FEDIOL requirements by only farm saving OSR seed grown from certified seed.