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July 2021

The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) has recently carried out some independent trials work to look at the benefit of using a professional cleaning service to produce the highest quality seed.



Click on the link below for the PDF file

NAAC Seed Trials Flyer 2021

June 2021

June was a busier month for the AGS team as Covid restrictions were relaxed. Various members of the team were able to visit open days and shows which provided a great opportunity to meet clients and colleagues from across the business.

As a business we saw the team attending Unium trials to discuss Tiros and other products they are bringing to market. We also were able to get to the DSV open day to look at their new varieties and keep on top of what will be brought to market, Theodore and Champion stood out as particularly interesting.

The curtain was also raised on Agricultural show season and the team headed off to Groundswell and Cereals. Groundswell was a great opportunity to listen to some members of the agricultural community speak on where they consider the future of agriculture to be headed. It was interesting to balance unique ideas with bio-stimulant chemistry, such as Ilex’s Start-Up Maxx. And new chemistry/nutritional compounds coming to market in the near future – with a focus on soil health.

Cereals was back on the calendar for 2021 and the team also took the chance to visit. Despite the lack of a full complement of stands the show seemed to be relatively well attended and it was good to meet industry colleagues and friends face to face.

The team will now build into July and the forthcoming season.