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Other Services

Mobile Seed Cleaning & Treatment Specialists

Ergot Removal

Skilled operators and gravity tables allow the effective removal of Ergot ensuring standards are met when selling your crop.

Bulk Cleaning/Admix Removal

Cross contaminated crops can be separated, such as Peas in Wheat or Oilseed Rape in Barley and Cleavers from Oilseed Rape – allowing your desired crop(s) to be placed back in your store, bagged or into an awaiting trailer.

Bushel Weight Improvement

Improve your overall bushel weight by removing contaminants such as small/split grains, straw/chaff/un thrashed heads.

Hagberg Improvement

Ensure that you reach top milling premium from the mill by removing split and cracked grains which could lead to penalties.

Speciality Crops/Materials

In addition, we process alternative crops and specialised seeds for agricultural, feed, industrial, food and pharmaceutical business sectors including: Borage, Broad Beans, Mustard Seed, Lupins, Hemp, Sesame, Echium, Pepper, Millet, Coffee, Phacelia, Kidney Beans and Sunflower.