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Benefits of Farm Saving Seed

Red Tractor Assured Crops & Verified Seed

Crops grown from farm-saved seed are equally as eligible to be sold under the Red Tractor Assured Crops Scheme with those grown from purchased, certified seed.

New seed is not a requirement to start in the new scheme, or to have produced the seed from new, certified seed each year.

Being a member of Verified Seed means we provide a fully qualified seed plant operator who holds a certificate of competence meeting the national proficiency tests council standards processes all farm-saved seed.

As part of our customer service we provide a detailed processing record for each seed lot processed fully satisfying the requirements of the Red Tractor Crops Assurance Scheme.

Better quality seed than you can buy

Most farmers now realise that their own seed is better quality than they can buy.

Many Certified seed crops are grown on light land, often resulting in thin samples of seed.

Static Certified seed plants are restricted by economics and cannot afford to dress seed hard.

This is not a problem with farm-saved seed since you can select only the best seeds from your best land and return all the screenings to your grain store.

The bolder, more uniform nature of farm-saved seed means:-

1) More accurate seed rates and drilling.

2) Seed treatments can be applied more accurately.

3) Higher vigour seed and more rapid, even crop establishment.

Why apply seed treatments to thin, low vigour seed? Capitalise on the cost of your seed treatment by only applying high value seed treatments to the best seed.

Improved Cash-Flow

There is no need to invest such a large sum of money to buy seed, thereby reducing the need for working capital. This improves cash-flow and reduces the need to borrow at a critical time of year, thereby reducing interest charges and freeing capital for other purposes.

Improve your Gross Margins and Profitability

Significantly lower your seed costs (Even after paying a plant royalty)

Achieve optimum yields by selecting and sowing only the best seed at the right time

Add value to your produce

Why sell good grain at market prices and buy inferior seed at many pounds/T more

Flexibility and personal assessment of varieties

Maximum flexibility to choose varieties and the correct seed treatment between harvest and sowing. Assess how variety has performed throughout the growing year on your own farm before growing commercially and committing yourself to larger acreages

Avoid Contamination by processing on your own farm

No risk of seed becoming contaminated off the premises with other varieties or seeds.

Quality assessment of each seed lot grown and processed under your own control

No problems with late deliveries of Certified Seed

No risk that drilling will be delayed due to unreliable, late deliveries of seed

Professional Seed Plant Operators

Fully trained & qualified to set the seed cleaning and chemical treatment equipment correctly.

Only the highest standards of chemical application, handling and safety are practised.

Personal Attention and Professional Advice

All enquiries are handled promptly. Our offices are open 16 hours a day, 7 days a week during the autumn processing season.

We offer free advice on Agronomy, Varieties, and Seed Treatments.