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About Anglia Grain Services

Mobile Seed Cleaning & Treatment Specialists

Established in 1986, Anglia Grain Services Ltd are the largest UK processor of farm-saved seed, now operating the largest number of high specification, revolutionary mobile seed processing machines and covering 23 counties.

After many years of experience and an active development programme we have pioneered many aspects of the mobile seed cleaning industry, designing and fabricating our own machinery.


We have a policy of progressive improvement using modern technology and new machinery. This allows us to offer the best value for money to our customers in terms of quality, service, standards and reliability.










Anglia Grain Services are a member of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC), and the Verified Seed Scheme. We are also a British Society of Plant Breeders registered collector of plant royalties.

Based at Nayland in Suffolk, Peterborough and Kent, we have good access throughout East Anglia and beyond allowing the company to serve farmers efficiently throughout the whole of its operating area.







Anglia Grain Services are BASIS registered and have Crop Protection (Seed Treatment) trained and qualified staff. This means that they are experienced professionals, qualified to advise you on the correct seed treatment for each crop and variety.







Our continuous new machinery investment programme puts us at the fore front when setting new standards in efficiency and reliability. An in house building team alongside a comprehensive and rigorous maintenance service programme ensures that all equipment is in good order and working correctly at all times.


Our well proven processing system produces the optimum physical seed specification. This results in consistent high quality seed for our customers.


All seed lots are regularly checked for quality of cleaning and accuracy of seed treatment application.


Guide to Growing Farm-Saved Cereal Seed

Farm-saved seed is a very attractive alternative to buying EC Certified Seed, and it is not inferior.

Growing your own seed is not as difficult as some people suggest. To achieve an even emerging, vigorous crop it is important to sow top quality seed.


The AGS Guide to Growing Home Saved Seed will assist you to proudly grow home saved seed with the necessary care, planning, and management needed to produce a high quality seed crop under your own control.


Certified Seed

In order to allow you to continue to save your own seed, Anglia Grain Services can supply quality certified Cereal and Oilseed Rape seed. This allows many farmers a single point of contact for all their seed requirements.


Farm Saved Seed Certified Seed Other Servies Advisory Seed Testing

Locations Served

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